One of two. Two’s a b!tch

There are always two things in life. Positive and negative. Wet or dry. Light and dark. Chemistry and timing? We all know what they are and how important they are in affecting any human interaction. Any two people in the world have chemistry. The type of chemistry we remember is what we associate when two [...]


With or Without

With you I was lost. I had no sense of direction, and all my dreams vanished. Your dreams became mine, and I lost my sense of adventure, and curiosity for the world. With you I couldn’t go to college, because in your mind I was only going to meet guys, not further my career. With [...]

It's so easy to be negative these days. I mean look at the news, or listen to the conversations of those around you. How much positivity is being broadcasted to the world? Not very much from what I can tell. The one person who is ALWAYS putting positivity into the world is Ellen! You may [...]